When life gets hard we tend to focus on all the negatives in our lives. We look at all the things that make us sad, stressed and lonely. Then we forget about all the little and small blessings in life and take those for granted.

Let me share with you my list of both big and small things in life that make me happy.

  1. Coffee dates
  2. Fresh bed sheets
  3. Hearing a baby laugh
  4. Seeing my loved one’s smile
  5. Seeing other people succeed and be happy
  6. Going for a morning run
  7. Playing Tennis
  8. Holding a baby in my arms
  9. Travelling to new places
  10. Taking photos
  11. Planning adventures with my friends
  12. Hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup (with cream) from costa
  13. Buying new clothes
  14. Long drives at night
  15. Lying in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and watching my favourite films
  16. Reading books
  17. Hugging someone after not seeing them for a long time
  18. That feeling after submitting an assignment
  19. Visiting a loved one’s grave
  20. The feeling when your food arrives at a restaurant
  21. Nando’s
  22. Falling asleep in someone’s arms
  23. Getting into bed after a long day
  24. Jelly Bean soda
  25. Visiting museums
  26. The feeling after you’ve made someone smile
  27. Waking up to good morning texts
  28. Fundraising
  29. Cooking with the little kids
  30. Looking at old photos and reliving the memories

Well that is all I could think off. I encourage you all to make a list of little things that make you happy even if its small I promise you it is very heart-warming!

Mariam x

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