5 things to do when having a bad day

We all have bad days now and again; I’ve had my share of those where I feel hopeless and “just want to go home curl up in my bed and cry”. Yeah! I know it sucks!. This week hasn’t been great. There is no specific reason for it. I just felt so down and a little bit lost as to what I’m doing with my life. I’ve also had my room redecorated this week and my things are still all over the place which is stressing me out (I have OCD). After a bad day, I think it is so important to relax yourself and finish the day off on a positive. Here are 5 things you can do if you are having a bad day.

  1. Take a bath: Take a nice hot bath relax those tense muscles, it’ll do wonders.
  2. Put your phone away: After you’ve come home from a stressful day at work, detach yourself from the social media world for a bit. Especially before you sleep, replace this with a book or listen to some music.
  3. Go out for a run: Get outside go for a walk or a run even a jog, de-stress yourself consider joining the gym. Exercise sure as hell helps.
  4. Catch up on some of your favourite TV shows: I’m sure we all have shows recorded that we don’t have time to watch, or even sit in bed and watch something on Netflix.
  5. TEA: Tea makes everything better, make a good cuppa tea and relax.

And remember – Life doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle.


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