Feeling Lost

Sometimes you need to lose yourself a few times before you can find yourself. Some days you might have it all together and feel confident and happy with the path you are going. Other days you might feel completely lost and confused. After finishing my postgraduate degree, I felt more lost and confused than ever. We all dream of the day we get to walk across that stage, shake someone’s hand and know that we have a degree secure under the belt.

Little did I know about the challenges that I was about to face…

Reality hit me after I graduated when I discovered that the path to getting where I wanted to be wasn’t going to be as straightforward as I thought.

Growing up I was taught to believe that to be successful in life you need to have a good education. I still believe that to be true. Going from primary to secondary school to staying on to sixth form then eventually starting university. I thought after finishing university I would have my dream job. Reality hit me after graduation when I realised it wasn’t as simple as that.

I compared myself to others that graduated with me and they seemed to be doing really well, whereas every job that I applied for seemed to want experience. Like were my classmates born with experience that I didn’t know about? I felt lost and confused and it got to a point where I stopped applying for jobs Like what was the point? I was only going to get rejected.

I finally sat down and started to write a plan of where I wanted to be and the many ways I can get there. After speaking to tutors and those that specialised in my area at university, I think I started to see a light at the end. We are about to approach 2018 and it’s been just under four months since I finished my postgraduate degree and I have finally started to feel happier with the path that I am going. I may not be there yet but, I am a work in progress.

Here are 3 things to remember when you are feeling lost..

T r u s t  Y o u r s e l f

The most important relationship that you will ever have in life, is the relationship you with yourself. You can never run away from you. I guess we all lose ourselves at some point in our lives, and one of the keys to finding ourselves is how much we believe and trust in ourselves.

Y o u  C a n ‘ t   A l w a y s  C h o o s e  Y o u r  C a r d s

I’m one of those people that has life planned out in lists and maps of exactly where I want to be. I’m sure we all have some sort of plan of what we want to do with our lives. But, we need to remember that this may not always work out the way we want it too, and you will most definitely go through bumps and challenges along the way which may be out of your control. During this time, it is important to remember to have faith and patience that it will all turn out to be okay.

I t ‘s  G o i n g  T o  B e  O k a y

It’s going to be okay, even during your darkest days when it seems like nothing is going right, it’s going to be okay. You will be surprised as to how many people are going through similar experiences. It’s okay if you don’t know what you are doing with your life (most people don’t). And It’s okay if you haven’t got it figured out yet. It will be OK.

A Final Note

Going from being a student to a graduate is hard. The real world kinda sucks. But hey, you have made it this far. So, keep believing in yourself.

Mariam x

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