20 Signs You’re Becoming a Successful Adult

If there is one thing we all now know for certain, is that adulthood isn’t easy.  There comes a time in your twenties where I guess you can actually start to feel maturity setting in and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

Welcome to adulthood – kinda sucks right?

Here are 20 signs you are becoming a successful adult and if you can relate to any of the following, chances are you are finally getting it together and becoming an adult.

  1. Your savings account is increasing. You’ve started to think about your future and you’ve figured out how to budget and live within your means.
  2. You eat salad and not because you must, because you want to.
  3. Your Facebook consists of mainly engagement rings and babies. Seriously when did my friends become old enough to get MARRIED?
  4. You don’t have a social life.
  5. You iron your clothes. It may only be your work clothes and it may only be half an hour before you need to put them on but hey, baby steps.
  6. You do your laundry on a regular basis and not before you have completely run out of underwear.
  7. You listen to the news and don’t get bored. You care about what’s going on in the world, and make at least half an attempt to get a daily dose of news. Even if that means coming from your twitter feed.
  8. Going to bed after 10 pm is late, anything less than 8 hours is not an option and you look forward to bedtime.
  9. You go to places alone and you are fine with it.
  10. You communicate daily via email.
  11. You love shopping for your home and have most likely spent an entire day roaming around Ikea.
  12. You get excited about having a night in.
  13. You have come to the realisation that if you want something in life, you will need to work for it. Life isn’t going to hand you everything.
  14. Summer vacation is no longer three months anymore.
  15. You don’t get upset if someone doesn’t like you anymore.
  16. You have serious responsibilities.
  17. You feel guilty about bingeing on Netflix all day.
  18. You manage your time wisely.
  19. You live off coffee.
  20. You no longer try to please others.

Most importantly you’ve learned that tomorrow is not guaranteed. You make more time for your loved ones and you’ve learned not to take anything for granted.

Finally, you’re still not quite sure how to do this “adult” thing, but you know it’s a learning process.

Love Mariam x

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