It’s okay to have a bad day

I’ve had a bad day, a bad week actually. Every single day went from bad to worse. I just wanted to go home and cry and forget every detail of the whole day. Ever have those days where the smallest of things can make you break? Yeah, I had ‘one of those days’ pretty much every day this week and I’m not even exaggerating. And I’m tired, I’m tired of constantly feeling like this, I’m tired of feeling like I’ve lost myself, I’m tired of things always going wrong for me, I’m just tired.

Why do we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make everyday a ‘good day’ or a ‘productive day’? Reality is we all have bad days; bad weeks and I guess that’s ok. Because life can be really tough sometimes and sometimes it might feel like the whole world is crashing down on us and there is no way out.

I wrote down many different ways I can write this post. I first started off writing many ways in which people can make themselves feel better after having a bad day. Then I started to write about how we should embrace our sad days and remain positive because we learn so much from our struggles and a bad day is really a ‘blessing in disguise’. But, I think sometimes we want people to know how we are feeling, we want people to recognise our pain. We want people to say, “I’m sorry that you went through that” or “That sucks it must have been very hard”. I think when these feelings are acknowledged it kinda helps.

Then there is our society who expects us to be constantly happy and say, “Yeah, I’m fine thanks, everything’s great” underneath the smile you are struggling to make. Because people wont like us if we are always in a bad mood. Honestly, I think one of the best ways to deal with our bad days is to just ‘accept it’ don’t over-think or analyse it just ‘let it be’.  Yes, you can feel it, cry over it, and maybe even rant or scream over it. Always remember, it’s okay to feel worthless for a day or a week. But, next week make sure you get out of bed, pull every bit of yourself together start again and give it your best.

“Here’s to my amazing co-worker (Kitti) who I worked with this week, such an inspiration to me, who gave me a hug and reminded me of how good I am at what I do”. – Thank You.

Mariam x

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