21 thoughts every girl has during her period

The most annoying thing about getting your period is… well I think that would be all of it. Since we can’t do anything about it. We can at least assure each other that we are all in the same boat.

Here are 21 thoughts every girl has during her period.

  1. Is it that time of the month already?
  2. Seriously, why is there no such thing as period leave?
  3. Why am I crying?
  4. Think I’m going to lose it if I have to deal with one more person today.
  5. I’m so fat
  6. I need chocolate
  8. Did I remember to flush?
  9. How many painkillers can I take?
  10. Hot water bottles are a gift from god
  11. Why can I not be a guy
  12. Can I walk to the toilets without people wondering why I have my bag with me?
  13. Does tissue count as a pad?
  14. I hate everyone
  15. Don’t cough or sneeze please
  16. Ugh everything hurts
  17. I had plans but now they are ruined
  18. How does this much blood come out of one body?
  19. I’m so bloated
  20. Sorry I’m being such a bitch. I’m on my periods
  21. Yes! Almost finished.

I’m sure there are loads more than 21. Do let me know so I can add them in.

Mariam x



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