You are the author of your own story

I recently started writing my very first novel, it is a children’s book. It’s about superheroes, love, loss and magic. I am really enjoying it. I get to create the characters in the book, I decide what happens, I get to tell the story. I get to find a way into a young readers imagination through something as simple as words on paper.

“One day you will be an author of your own story.” – A friend

This inspired me to write this post. We are ALL authors of our own story.

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” – Unknown

You are the author of your own story. You are in control. You are not the side character in your own story and you never will be, if you don’t let that happen. You are the one that gets to decide where your story begins. No one is going to tell you what to write, where to begin, when to change the plot and where to reveal the character motives. You get to decide who you meet, how to act and how to feel.

You have the leading role and you can decide how you interact with the other characters in your story. Your story may also be a mixture of a lot of drama, tragedy, mystery, loss, love, adventure, heroes and maybe even villains. You get to decide when its time to change, meet new people, go out on an adventure and you can edit again and again.

Yes, people will judge you all the time. But, don’t ever let them think they know more about your life than you do. You choose whether you listen to them or not. You get to decide what advice you want to take and which to ignore. Don’t let those people get inside your head, don’t let them think you are doing it all wrong. Don’t let them persuade you to believe that you are behind, that you should be married by a certain age, have children by a certain age, have that specific job, look a certain way or even live in a specific way.

This is your story, it’s okay to make mistakes, you will make mistakes. Yes you will erase certain pieces and re-write them again and again. That doesn’t mean that you have failed, yes you are even allowed to rip that page and start over with a brand new chapter. Throughout your story you will make mistakes, you will love the wrong people and you will learn lessons in the most painful ways.

In your story you are allowed to say whatever you want, you are allowed to speak your mind, you are allowed to agree and disagree with people. You are allowed to have different opinions and stand by them. You are allowed to tell people how you feel.

Your story will never be the same as anyone else’s. There will certainly be happy times, but there will also be sad times, there might be stressful times and times where you want to give up. You will have days where nothing feels right at all. But that won’t make your story any less beautiful.

You will fall in love, you will get married, you will find a career you are happy with. But you will also lose love, you will lose the people you love, you will see the people you love go through a lot of pain and all you can do is watch. Life will throw you to your knees. Sometimes, things wont work out and sometimes things will always fall into the right place. Somedays you might just want to sit and cry and other days you might just want to press the ‘pause’ button and stay in that perfect place. Through it all, you will realise that you are the true warrior.

A final note: Remember you are the author to your story, you are the one in charge. You get to decide how it goes, there is no right or wrong way.

Mariam x

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