What made you smile today?

We all have bad days, days when it feel like the whole world is against us. But, life has a funny way of throwing some smile-worthing things at us.

So, I asked people ‘What made you smile today?’ And here are the replies I got..

  1. “My dog excitedly bringing me a toy and being so happy to see me when I got home from work.” – Laura. D
  2. “When my friend text me saying ‘You got this’ on my first day back to work today.” – Saima. R
  3. “Having my niece and nephew telling me that I’m their favourite aunty who makes them laugh lots..” – Kully. J
  4. “My Daughter.” – Tayla. J
  5. “I was watching a programme about a 105 year old women driving and it made me smile.” – Saarah. Z
  6. “Thomas.” – Emiliee. G
  7. “I bought a new book and walking around Waterstones was so relaxing and made me happy. It’s the little things.” – Becky
  8. “Texts from my boyfriend full of emojis, hearts and kisses.” – Marie. C
  9. “My dog and lying in bed watching Netflix.” – Laura. R
  10. “A night out with friends for the first time.” – Claire. L
  11. “Coming home from work and seeing the pure joy on the faces of my two baby nieces. They were so happy to see me and that to me is one of the purest forms of love.” – Farah. A
  12. “At the hairdressers I spoke to a little girl who had been growing her hair so that she could donate it to ‘The Little Princess Fund’ to help other children. She loved her new hairstyle and everyone went over to her to tell her how amazing and inspirational she is.” – Bethany. L
  13. “I was told I was very efficient by a patient when I helped them with their query today. It put a smile on my face.” – Sophie
  14. “My daughter.” -Shazia. S
  15. “My sister, she started crying over her assignment.” – Alia. A
  16. “My daughters beautiful face looking up at me when I woke up.” – Humaira. J
  17. “A customer who was really nice and understanding at a bad situation another guest caused.” – Behlul
  18. “The Innocence in a child’s smile at me. Couldn’t help but smile back instantly.” – Maida. Z
  19. “So I was babysitting my cousins. The sun came out for the first time in what seems like months as we were playing in the garden. As soon as it creeped out from behind the clouds my cousin screams ‘GUYS IT’S SUNNY COME LOOK!!’ As soon as they step foot into the garden, the clouds passed by again and covered up the sun. Cue groans and moans about her being a liar and laughs from us both about the British weather.I t’s super dumb but I couldn’t stop laughing at the flippin obsession we have with the sun.” – Zakherar
  20. “True Love made me smile today. Knowing that your true friends are always there for you in your lowest times.” – Kiran. S
  21. “A patient being extremely happy and thanking me for how much I helped her out. It put the biggest smile on my face.” – Esma. I

What made me smile today was that the Starbucks Barista at Birmingham New Street station knew my name and order without me saying. (Yeah, you can tell I go there every morning). It really did make me smile and it made my whole day.

What made you smile today?

Mariam x

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