10 Struggles Only Coffee Addicts Will Understand

I never drank coffee before I started working full-time. After I graduated and entered the stage of adulthood where I had to function at ridiculously early hours, I don’t think I realised how much impact coffee would have in my adult life. I can’t get by without it. 

I walk into work every morning with a Starbucks in my hand and have more caffeine throughout the day. The barista at Starbucks in Birmingham New Street Station knows my name and order without me saying, I feel like I have finally accomplished a life long goal. I need coffee to function and everyone knows it.

Here are 10 struggles only people addicted to coffee will understand

1. You can’t start your day without it.

That first sip of coffee every morning literally shoots through your body and gives you life. You very well know that you won’t die if you don’t have coffee before mid-day but, it certainly feels  that way. The day certainly doesn’t start until you’ve have your first cup.

2.  You on caffeine and you without are totally different people.

Thank goodness for coffee turning us from unsociable and angry to smart and more sociable humans.

3. There is no point in anyone talking to you before you’ve had your first cup of coffee.

No decision can be made until that cup is finished. You just fail to function without it. Communication with other humans begin after the first coffee of the day, and how you interact with people depends on how much coffee you have had.

4. You love coffee dates.

Is there anything more perfect than a coffee date? Nope. You get excited when someone asks you out for a coffee.

5. You spend too much money on coffee.

Let’s not get started on how much you spend on coffee.

6. Getting the ‘Coffee Jitters..’.

Is all this shaking normal?

7. Having to wait in a long line to order your much needed dose.

“It’s okay, I will just have to run to work.”

8. You believe coffee has magical powers.

“Yes, coffee solves everything.”

9. You feel cheated if your usual coffee order doesn’t taste the same as it usually does.

This is the sadness no coffee lover will stand for.

10. Having to use the bathroom way too often.

Yeah, peeing every 20 minutes is pretty commonplace for you.

(n.) the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had coffee. 

I’m sure I have missed loads. So, please do comment and leave some more.

Mariam x

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