Being a twenty-something kinda sucks

Being in your twenties kinda sucks. Because, you feel like you are constantly under a lot of pressure. You feel like you have to constantly be busy with your life. Because if you’re not, you think you have failed. You are under a lot of pressure to succeed in every aspect of your life, from your career, to your social life and even your love life. There may be days where you feel like you don’t even have a second to sit down and breathe.

In your twenties, you might have no idea where your life is heading. You feel like your friends and acquaintances all have some sort of direction and a plan. Everyone seems to be getting engaged, married and having babies and you?. You are just trying to sail through life working a minimum paid job, which you thought your university degree would get you out of.

Your twenties suck because you lose a lot of friends. Everyone is busy, your lucky if you get to see them once a month. In your twenties you also outgrow a lot of friendships. You realise that some friends are not meant to be friends ’til the end.

In your twenties you feel like you are a disappointment to everyone. You get accused of being lazy. You feel like your family doesn’t see how hard you have been working since graduating. And then you feel disappointed in yourself, because you thought you would be much further in your career and life right now, than you are. You thought you’d be on a good salary and in your dream job. 

In your twenties you may even be broke. You might be living with your parents and living rent free, or you might be living on your own, spending money as quickly as you earn it. 

Your twenties suck because you constantly feel lost and confused. You think you are behind in life. You compare yourself to everyone else’s highlights and you believe that everyone else seems to be doing better than you.

I’ve began to realise that your twenties are the most eye-opening years of your life. In your twenties you finally come to learn the truth about the world and see the world for what it really is. Reality hits you. You will come to know someone it may be your mom, dad, sibling a loved one that has caught the infamous “Cancer of the _____”. From then on you realise that cancer is actually real. It happens to the people we love, it could even happen to you. You realise that people die. You lose a lot of people in your twenties. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Being in your twenties sucks! You feel like it’s never going to get better. You constantly feel lost and confused. And I think one of the only consolations is that “Everyone feels the same way”.

Mariam X

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