Why I write

I write to tell my stories – not to brag nor ask for your pity. I write to find my voice – the voice that may not always speak the truth at times but, eventually makes it’s way on paper.

I write to try to understand myself and the individual that is living inside me. I write about my past to remember how strong I had to be, and that every scar has a story to tell.

I write because writing allows me to escape reality, and create a world that I want to be in. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write because I am in love with the world that is inside my head.

I write because I want to create happy endings and fairytales and maybe even unrealistic fantasies.

I write because writing allows me to be anyone that I want to be. It allows me to replay certain memories, remove tragedies or even start a new beginning.

I write to dream, I write to connect with strangers, to meet new people and to connect with others who I might never had any contact with otherwise. I write because I’m afraid of being alone. I write to know that I am not alone.

I write because I know that I can’t control life but, at least I can control my version.

I write about my present because I’m still confused and trying to figure out how to survive it. I write about my future because I want to create it the way I like it.

I write about the people I love who are no longer alive. I write to keep them alive. I write about the conversations that I couldn’t have and the ones that I wish that I had.

I write because writing has allowed me to discover things about myself that I never knew.

I write about a love that I’m still searching for. I write what I’m looking for. I write what I hope it would be like.

I write because my writing keeps my nightmares away and saves me from reality. I write because writing comes from the heart.

I write because I am much more comfortable hiding behind my words than standing in front of the camera.

I write a lot, I write even when I feel like I don’t want to write; because the more I write the more I feel connected to this world. The more everything makes sense to me. I write to remember, I write to heal. I write to be remembered. The more I write the more I am becoming to believe that somehow I have the ability to control how my story ends.

Mariam x

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