My name’s Mariam.

Sunday, February 17 


Hi, My name’s Mariam. I’m currently reading ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath for the third time, I’ve been procrastinating a lot recently, my workload is piling up, I carry my MacBook with me everywhere, I like sitting in coffee shops on my own, I’ve recently become addicted to Instagram, I love everything Ted Baker, I suffer from nose bleeds, I’m in writers block and I haven’t touched my novel in weeks, I like wearing rings, I love research, I overthink way too much, I could spend hours on youtube, I like taking photographs, I have Weetabix for breakfast every morning, I spend most of my money in coffee shops, I’ve deleted a lot of people off Facebook, I’ve had pasta for dinner four nights in a row, I cry over everything, I really want to join the gym and I like the idea of working out but, I’m too lazy, my fourteen year old brother is taller than me, I’ve recently become comfortable leaving the house without makeup on, I have a crush on a guy who probably will never like me back, I have changed so much over the past two months, I see a therapist on a weekly basis, because life showed me the worst side of the world at an early age.

Mariam x 

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