My name’s Mariam

Saturday, March 30 2019


Hi, my name’s Mariam. I’m currently reading ‘to kill a mocking bird’ by Harper Lee for the fourth time, I’ve had eight cups of coffee so far this week, I go running every morning, I’ve been eating two packet of crisps a day recently, I had my appendix burst when I was 11, I’ve never had my nails done, pom-bear crisps are my favourite, I’m very organised, I drive a black Corsa, I have two cats, I like greek yoghurt, I own over two-hundred books, my room is literally a library, I own a MacBook, I don’t like windows PC, I’m about to finish my PGCE in six-weeks and I cannot wait. I’m hoping to publish my first children’s book by the end of the year, I’m also re-watching gossip girl for the fifth time, hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup and cream from Costa Coffee is the way to my heart, I rarely wear jewellery but, I cannot live without my watch, I love my Daniel Wellington watch, I play Tennis, I’ve really started to like the colour yellow, this year has been so confusing, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life, I’m more confused than I’ve ever been and I feel so lost.

Mariam x 

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