30 responses when I asked “What makes you happy?’

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes I think we all forget that sometimes, it’s all about the little things in life that make us happy. 

So, I asked as many people as I could the question ‘What makes you happy?’ And here are the responses. 

  1. “My art makes me happy. I love what I do even though I spend a lot of time wondering why the hell I’m up at 2am weaving or editing photographs or writing about images. But I love it.  My friends make me happy. I’ve always been surrounded by people who continue to uplift me in whatever small achievement I have and I couldn’t have wanted it any other way. It’s people like you who I meet along the way and I know that I’m helping you see everyday as a new ray of light. My mom and dad make me happy. Whether it’s my mom laughing at me getting excited over new bedsheets or my dad asking me about the family gossip. I’m happy I have them”. – Nilupa.
  2. “Eating, alcohol, Smoking, chocolate, pepsi max and my mum” – Meysa
  3. “My beautiful son Isaiah, although I gave my son life. He gave me a reason  to live. The day he came into my life, my life changed for the better. And I am so blessed to be his mum.” – Paige.
  4. “My friends, plus good food, plus cats”. – Mahi 
  5. “Good food and company makes me happy.” – Iman 
  6. “When I am appreciated. When my effects are acknowledged, when I’m appraised for my work/effects/accomplishments and also when I have lots of money to go shopping with, that makes me super happy”. – Shareen. 
  7. “Sunshine:.  – Raman
  8. “My mom, when I open a letter and it’s not a bill and summer”. – Mariam. H
  9. “Feeling that I can accomplish nearly everything in my life through self-belief and positivity of own self happiness within myself”. – Kully. 
  10. “Being around positive people that make me smile and laugh that I forget about my problems”.  –  Saima. 
  11. “My family (sometimes)”.  – Feyza
  12. “Green tea, good books and seeing my kids at work happy and proud after they’ve achieved something.” – Aminah 
  13. “I’d say good food that makes you go mmm and good company that makes you9 laugh out loud is what makes me happy. But, what truly makes me happy is the outcome of the nurturing and talks I have with myself to make me a better person. It comes to a point where you do get tested even if its something shallow but you don’t respond the way you typically would’ve instead it’s a new thing the way which you’ve done something or haven’t. I cant explain it it’s really personal but it makes me happy know I’ve developed in that tiny area and it’s helping me to be an all round wholesome person”. – Sajidah. 
  14. “Smell memories: when I smell a scent or fragrance that reminds me of a time in my past, the sound of rain hitting the ground, being able to comfortably share long silences with my friends, newly blossomed tress, spending time cooking a meal and it actually tastes good at the end of it, paining my toenails to match my fingernails.” – Alizeh. 
  15. “Good environment, good people and inner-self”. – Ayesha. 
  16. “Making others happy”. – Sophie
  17. “My niece, nephews and clothes”. – Melek 
  18. “Getting Pissed”. – Lee
  19. “What makes me happy is waking up to his message, his smile when he sees me, how I feel like he’s someone to do anything for me, during my lowest time I can go to him and he would go out of his way to make me feel better again, thats what makes me happy”. – Alia. 
  20. “It’s simple, just a cup of coffee”. – Summeye. 
  21. “Self-care days and being with the ones I love nothing beats those moments.” – Izzie. 
  22. “The simple things in life: having a good nights sleep (and a nap or two), handwritten notes, sunshine, a good cuppa, cosy blankets and yankee candles”. – Lisa Le. 
  23. “My Cats”. – Eliza. D
  24. “Cup of tea after a long ass day, fresh bed sheets, Pjs and shower, exploring something new-scenic or different days out, when my makeup sits perfectly, good morning texts, the moment I have booked the holiday more than going, getting all or most my work done on Friday, makes me feel so satisfied and happy, when my mom randomly spoils me like I’m still a child.” – Saarah 
  25. “Food”. – Rukiya 
  26. “Sunshine, cocktails and surrounded with friends”. – Amarpreet. 
  27. “Succeeding in life and making my parents proud” – Esma 
  28. “Happiness makes me happy”. – Hasib
  29. “Being in a calm and serene environment – like waking up to a view of mountains, with a little stream next to it and you can hear birds chirping and watch the sun rising”. – Ashley. 
  30. “Sunshine makes me happy and my momma”. – Laura. 

My turn, what makes me happy?, for me, it’s the little things in life like: coffee in the morning, seeing the people I love succeed makes me happy, books make me happy, reading makes me happy, writing, good people, friendships and waking up in the morning knowing I have another day to live makes me happy. 

What makes you happy? 

Mariam x

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  1. April 5, 2019 / 7:17 pm

    Thought provoking post. I’d have to say, like some others said, a good cup of tea, but also finishing a good book, having a clean house with laundry done, fresh sheets, writing poetry, sunshine, my son and husband, and seeing Kenny Cheney every year at Gillette. 🙂

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