30 things I would rather do than settle in my twenties.

I remember when I was in middle school, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and when I wanted it. I was definitely a planner, I sort of still am. I had my life planned out in lists and ideas and timelines. I thought by the time I’m 25 I will have my career sorted, be married (or at least engaged) and be financially stable (who was I kidding). I’ve just turned 24 and I am nowhere near any of those milestones.

A very close friend of mine is getting married this summer, I’m so excited and happy for her. She has always wanted to get married and have kids at an early age. Recently, i have been thinking about my life and where I see myself. I’ve ditched that timeline. Yes, I still make lists (every day) and have my weeks planned out way far in advance. But, I’ve finally come to realise that everyone has their own timelines in life and that’s okay. Before I get married, I want to be financially stable, be stable in my career, buy a house, fall in love and get to know a guy. But, in this moment right now, I’ve stopped planning my life down to a timeline. Yes, I do want that to happen but, there is no timeline for it. Be it next year, in two years, in five years or even in ten.

Instead, right now I’ve learned that I would rather be doing any of these 30 things in my life than settle in my twenties.

1. Complete my PGCE (Almost done) and focus on my education.
2. Travel the world.
3. Publish my writing.
4. Spend my Saturdays binge-watching Netflix.
5. Learn a new language.
6. Read a lot of books.
7. Train and run a marathon.
8. Fall in love
9. Enjoy being on my own.
10. Become financially stable.
11. Learn to love myself.
12. Spend as much time with my friends as I can.
13. Join the gym and appreciate my body.
14. Write and publish a book (almost there).
15. Make mistakes (a lot of them).
16. Learn to cook
17. Do what scares me
18. Start a PhD.
19. Road trips with my friends.
20. Re-watch Harry Potter as many times as I can on my own.
21. Write letters.
22. Tell someone that I like them.
23. Learn to love my own company.
24. Change someone’s life; make a difference.
25. Try Yoga.
26. Work on myself.
27. Go to festivals.
28. Take risks.
29. Learn to be ‘me’.
30. Believe in ‘what’s meant to be, will be’.

Our timelines in life are unique. In this moment right now, we are formulating and experiencing our own distinct journey. Maybe, maybe by having a little faith and hope will guide us towards the milestones that are destined to be ours.

Yes, have a plan, even make lists (like me) those are so important. Keep the lists, but ditch the timeline.

Mariam x

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