Sometimes, things just don’t work out.

Sometimes, things just don’t work out.

Sometimes, people leave us without giving an explanation. 

Sometimes, people who we thought would never let us down are the first ones who do. 

Sometimes, we question why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to the biggest morons ever. 

Sometimes, life doesn’t make sense. sometimes, everything is just so confusing. 

Sometimes, life throws us the biggest obstacles and we question why life would treat us this way. 

I like to believe that when you think life is at its worst, when you feel so lost, it is also changing you in so many ways. 

I like to believe that when life is throwing you bad things, it is also teaching you many lessons. And for every bad thing that is happening to you, something good will find its way to you. 

I like to believe that the word ‘Hope’ is the most powerful word in the English dictionary. 

I know that life is not meant to go one way. I know that life isn’t meant to be straightforward. Life is supposed to be full of  mistakes and apologies and laughter and magic. Life will take us by surprise and throw things at us when we least expect them too. Life will sometimes be too much for us to handle and beautiful to forget. 

I like to believe that we know how to battle and survive. We know how to stand back up when life pushes us to the ground. We know how to hold on, when life gives us every reason for us to let go. 

I have come to learn that life can be easy, it can be hard, it can be happy and it can be sad. But, it is life, and you are here to live to it. Lets stop giving ourselves a timeline and lets own who we are and enjoy whatever life has to offer. 

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