My name’s Mariam

Sunday, June 30 2019

Hi, my name’s Mariam. I’ve just finished my PGCE, this has got to be the most stressful year in my academic life. I’m currently reading ‘Love from A to L’ by S.K. Ali, one of my eyebrows is higher than the other and it stresses me out, I like train journeys, I’ve recently bought the iPhone XS max, I can not see anything without my glasses, I seem to be addicted to aero mint McFlurry, this is the first year I’ve watched Love Island, I had my nails done last week for the first time in my life, I turned down a teaching job last month because I don’t think the school was the right fit for me, I want three children, I’m in writers block and I can’t seem to get myself out of it, I recently became pescatarian, I love finding cute coffee shops to sit and write in, I feel so lost without my watch, my appendix burst when I was 11, I’ve lost so many friends this year, my circle of friends has become so small and I’m finally okay with that.

Mariam x 

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  1. Madihah
    August 24, 2019 / 1:27 am

    Hey babe hope your well. Haven’t got your number anymore. Xx

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