20 responses when I asked people to ‘Define Love?’.

So, I asked people to ‘Define Love’, and here are my responses. 

  1. “Love, Love cannot be defined, it can only be felt.” – Saaima. R 
  2. “I would say it’s accepting someone for everything they are, good and bad, and knowing that there inevitably will be bumps in the road and bad moments but being willing to work through them”. – Becky 
  3. “I’d love to give you an answer but I really don’t know.” – Iman 
  4. “Love is sharing your deepest darkest parts of who you are, with someone, without judgement or fear.” – Nilupa.
  5. “I’d say love is being there for someone, standing by someone through hardship, despite their flaws and knowing they’d do the same for you. A connection to another person you know you could not live without”. – Sarah. 
  6. “Love is knowing that no matter what, you have someone to count on unconditionally with no expectations or limitations set”. – Ismah. 
  7. “Someone you can be yourself with. Someone that supports you and brings you up no matter how low you feel yourself. Someone that appreciates the little things in life as much as you do. Someone that you can vibe with in every situation. Someone that communicates their feelings instead of keeping them to themselves. Someone that you can look at and say ‘Yeah I can spend the rest of my life with you’”. – Esma 
  8. “Love for me is unconditional. Knowing you have someone to be there through everything, both good and bad. Someone you couldn’t imagine your life without and that makes your world a better place.” – Karis 
  9. “Love for me is feeling safe and seeing past imperfections”. – Nicky. 
  10. “Love is like the wind, you cant see it but, you can fucking feel it alright”. – Shareen.
  11. “Love is unconditional. When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love”. – Lisa. 
  12. “I have no idea, I’m probably gonna spend the rest of my life questioning what love really is.” – Mahi
  13. “Love? I used to think I understood love and what it means. I watched movies and read about it in books and honestly the only thing I found true when it comes to love is that ‘Love is a phrase used by many but only truly felt by some’ acting selfless, giving care and your efforts even though you know you may never receive it back.” – Saima
  14. “Love is someone or something you cannot live without, whether it be a person, an animal or even your own phone”. – Alia
  15. “Love is endless, love is patience, love is to trust and to try, not to cheat or betray.. Love is to compromise and to support.” – Hasib
  16. “Contentment when your with the person. Being yourself. Happiness.” – Ayesha 
  17. “Love is building something together with the tools you each have., being mutually there for each other.” – Akin
  18. “Love is when you find yourself automatically putting someone else first. Not because you force yourself to or because it’s what they want you to do, but because their happiness is more important than your own. Their happiness makes you happy simply as byproduct.” – Chris 
  19. “to care unconditionally for a person (s), life without these people is dull”. – Rukiya 
  20. “Loyalty, honesty and love”. – Meysa. 

So, how would I define love? 

Maybe, we can’t really define love, maybe it’s not meant to be defined, but it’s meant to be experienced. Maybe, love is about listening to our hearts, trusting ourselves and loving ourselves. I believe that love is not only found in another person. But, love is found in art, in words, in music, in the smile of a child, in morning coffee, in bubble tea, in looking up at the night sky, in conversations with your best friend, in reading a book and maybe even in looking in the mirror. – Me.  

I believe that love is all around us. 

How would you define love?

Mariam x 

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