My name is Mariam

Friday, September 6 2019


Hi, my name’s Mariam. I drink a lot of mint tea, 200 degrees is my new favourite coffee shop, I love going on coffee dates, I’ve recently discovered bubble tea and OMG, I think I am in love, I’ve been obsessed ever since, I’m working on a little writing project which I am so excited about, I recently had a car crash and I’ve been so anxious driving since, my mental health is at it’s worst it’s ever been, I want to move to Scotland, I don’t like wearing jeans, I live in leggings, I absolutely love research, I am hoping to do a PhD, my life goal is to be a university lecturer (I am almost there), Claire is my new favourite human, I love Ted Baker, beautiful people by Ed Sheehan is my new favourite song, Paris is my happy place, I’ve been so broody lately, Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of Greggs pasties, yellow is my new favourite colour, I’ve been getting so angry lately, I’m still having therapy on a weekly basis and I’m not afraid to admit that I go to therapy, I think we live in a society where people think if you see a therapist you are ‘crazy’, well, I think we are all crazy and weird and it’s the people who don’t accept this are the ones who need to see a therapist more than any of us.

Mariam x

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