I asked people to ‘Define Happiness’

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about happiness. These past few years have probably been the most hardest years of my life so far, and I’ve been thinking “will I ever be truly happy?” But, how do we define happiness?. I sometimes get jealous of the way some people can easily say “I’m happy”, it makes me wonder how many of them actually are. I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the definition of happiness. Maybe, sometimes we have to lose everything we ever wanted in order to figure out what the word happiness even means. 

We live in a world where we are all busy 24/7, where are we supposed to find the time to be happy?. Everyone has a different definition of happiness and that’s okay. Yes, happiness is everyones ultimate goal, but realising that we all have different ways of attainting it, will keep us sane. 

I’ve come to learn that happiness is all around us. I think, when we stop thinking about the ways in which the universe is working against us, and start thinking about how we can use our past or present traumatic experiences to survive the hurricane that is life. But also, celebrate it for what it really is – a beautiful mess that is happening right now. That is happiness. 

Someone really close to me once said “Never tie your happiness down to a person”. – And I live by that. To me happiness is found in the first sip of coffee every morning, in listening to music, in the books that I read, in bubble tea, in looking up at the night sky, in the smile of a child, in the conversations with my best friend and in art. In playing tennis, in giving someone I love a very tight hug, in travelling to beautiful countries, in breakfast dates and in writing. 

When one person’s idea of happiness is another person’s idea of stupidity, you begin to realise that happiness is nothing more than a subjective concept – an illusion of truth. 

So, I asked people to define happiness and here are my responses. Without further ado… 

  1. “Having people around you who actually care about you and show that you’re important to them.” – Afshan 
  2. “Art.” – Nilupa
  3. “A contentment inside of you that never strays.” – Keren. 
  4. “Being content and having mental peace.” – Ayesha 
  5. “Time with loved ones, accomplishing goals, eating good food.”- Iman
  6. “When your heart feels free and you feel like you’re walking on clouds and candy floss.” – Saima
  7. “Freedom, to do what you want, when you want, how you want, where you want (legally).” – Nadia
  8. “Happiness is being around my family and friends.” – Summeye 
  9. “The absence of pain and stress. The knowledge of love and support. Coffee. Pasta.” – Samantha. 
  10. “When you can be who you truly are without having to meet others expectations. Being free to be you and accepting yourself for who you are.” – Aneysa. 
  11. “Inner peace and calmness.” – Sophie
  12. “Happiness is a choice. It does not always come naturally. Sometimes, you have to work for it. To be happy means to accept what life has given you whether that be good or bad, take the opportunity to learn and grow from it. We all have our bad days, but we can always do something to pick our mood up and make us happy like seeing your friends, family or other half. Watching your favourite film, listening to music, EATING your favourite food! All these things can trigger happy hormones that will boost our mood to be happy. You don’t need something big to happy, learning to celebrate all the little things life has to offer will lead to happiness.” – Sandra. 
  13. “My parents, my son and my siblings.” – Kully. 
  14. “Happiness is the little things, like finding money in your pocket that you forgot about.” – Jack
  15. “Happiness is when something enters your life and changes it all. I.e my niece where i look forward to coming home everyday. Happiness is seeing her smile upon my action.” – Alia 
  16. “Happiness is how you create it. There is only yourself that can control how you feel and if you always let everything get you down your heart and mind will never be allowed to experience what REAL happiness is to you.” – Becky.  
  17. “It’s a feeling you get emotionally and mentally but, it’s filled ones own desires and hopes. Happiness isn’t given, it’s made by an individual through their mindset and choices and how they perceive life.” – Salbia. 
  18. I’d say happiness is making the most of the little moments in life. I always thought having happiness as a goal is a load of garbage and possibly one of the worst goals a human could strive for. For one, happiness is not a constant, you can’t get this metaphorical needle in your arm and hope for constant source of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. Happiness is a variable, and variables change all the time. One day you could be at 100, for example yesterday my favourite football team won a game, now I’m happy. But, for how long? One day they will lose, and I’ll be unhappy. So it’s a variable. So, how do I define happiness, i’ve always said it the same way. ‘Happiness is about enjoying a moment in time, it is then your goal to find and have many of those moments as possible.’ The problem is, life isn’t all fun and games and well, things you enjoy don’t last forever, I’ll probably live to see all my favourite football players die, that will make me sad, but, at the same time, I’ll still have those photos, the videos, but most importantly, the memory. So happiness, is just that. A variable. The only thing in life that is a constant is time. Time never stops.” – Afsan. 
  19. “When you’re content, when things are working the way as planned. When you have success coming your way and you are surrounded by loved ones.” – Sumayya. 
  20. “Happiness is, feeling positive secure in a relationship and feeling successful. Seeing others around you happy and sharing joy with them with your journey in life. Feeling loved wanted and secure.” Sarj 

How would you define happiness? 

Mariam x 

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  1. Kully
    November 10, 2019 / 10:34 pm

    Really enjoyed reading everyone’s own thoughts/ definition of what happiness means to them.. each being just as important to each individual person. Thank u for sharing x

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