25 promises to myself for 2020

  1. I promise myself to accept who I am now until I work on being the best possible version of myself. 
  2. I promise myself to leave a place where I feel like I don’t belong.
  3. I promise to forgive myself for my past mistakes and failures and start over with a solid heart. 
  4. I promise to be kinder to myself and give myself the same amount of support that I would give others. 
  5. I promise to always put my mental health first. 
  6. I promise to do more of what makes me happy, even if that means I have to do it alone. 
  7. I promise to try harder to do what I love and turn my life around. 
  8. I promise myself to let the toxic people in my life go. 
  9. I promise myself to find something good in every painful experience. 
  10. I promise myself to take risks/opportunities presented to me. 
  11. I promise myself to believe in myself, the way everyone else around me continues to do. 
  12. I promise to ask for help when I need it. 
  13. I promise to admit when I am wrong. 
  14. I promise myself to say ‘no’ without having to justify it. 
  15. I promise to always keep in mind that I cannot control everything. 
  16. I promise to make everyday my best day yet. 
  17. I promise myself to learn from every experience and every interactions life sends my way. 
  18. I promise myself to laugh as if nobody’s watching, and love as if I’ve never been hurt before. 
  19. I promise to stand up for myself. 
  20. I promise to finish what I started. 
  21. I promise to not allow others to affect me. 
  22. I promise to take nothing for granted. 
  23. I promise myself to help someone when they need me. 
  24. I promise to start believing in miracles. 
  25. I promise myself to keep as much of these promises as I can. 

Mariam x

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