I asked people ‘If you had one wish what would it be?’

So, I asked people ‘If they had one wish what would it be?’ And here are my responses, without further ado.. 

  1. “To have my mum back, that wouldn’t happen so I’d say to better myself so I would never have
  2. to rely on a man and be dependent on myself.” – Sarj 
  3. “To be reunited with my mamu” – Laraib 
  4. “If I could rewind it all (my whole life) just to see if I’d be the same person I currently am” – Bally
  5. “To stop worrying about things and be more confident within myself” – Keren
  6. “To find and be able to hold onto peace” – Alizeh. 
  7. “To see my dad” – Arifa 
  8. “I just wish that everything can fall in place without having the fear that it wont” – Saima
  9. “I’d wish to end emotional pain for everyone” – Shareen
  10. “To be happy” – Feyza 
  11. “ To be financially stable for life, I want to be working, but also want there to be no worries for my babies.” – Becky. 
  12. “I would like to be able to teleport” – Dan
  13. “To get out of hospitality forever and have a successful photography career” – Claire. 
  14. “Cure for muscular dystrophy as my son has this condition or successfully make it to being a counsellor and helping people or to being able to end world hunger.. in this day and age it shouldn’t be happening” – Kully. 
  15. “One of them would be to have my dad in my life again” – Shameli 
  16. “More wishes” – Atiya
  17. “That I could win the jackpot on the euro millions because then there would be nothing to stopping me from doing what I want to do / who I want to help”. – Laura
  18. “To get rid of all hate and bad things in life” – Sophie. 
  19. “To have good people around me always”. – Ismah. 
  20. “I wish all spiders would just die. There’s no use for them”. – Lee

My wish would be ‘to always be happy’, or ‘for everyone to be kind to each other” or ‘Hogwarts to exist’ or ‘cure to cancer’.

If YOU had one wish what would it be? 

Mariam x

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