About Me

Hey guys

I’m Mariam, a 22-year-old attempting to blog, I read way too much and drink way too much coffee (the two things I cannot live without). Oh! and I am a big time Harry Potter geek.

So, a little bit about me… I graduated university in 2016 and I have just completed my postgraduate degree. I started this blog as a form of procrastination from doing my dissertation (and to sound super cool at interviews), I enjoy writing and I want this blog to be a place where I document my thoughts.

I am an aspiring children’s writer. I work in Education, and I’m the process of becoming a university lecturer (I know! what was I thinking) jokes aside I love it.

I’m obsessed with tea, coffee and sitting in cute coffee shops, taking photos and visiting cute places. Oh, and books! I love reading more than anything! Well that’s it from me. Follow me as I share with you my life. If I haven’t put you off yet please follow me on Twitter and Instagram.